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December 8, 2016
The Impact of Brexit
December 8, 2016

2016 has been mixed within Global Trade Finance. With concerns over presidential elections, falling interest rates and the announcement of Brexit many of the larger players have kept their heads below the parapet with a view of seeing how the land lies moving into 2017. 

The current state of the Economy in addition to mounting regulatory pressures(deterring banks from doing riskier transactions) has provided new challengers with an easier route to market.

Independents, challengers & Fintech’s all trade around being faster, more simplistic and cost effective. These competitive advantages mean that larger Banks are slowly losing their Oligopoly of the market, therefore helping to create a more competitive environment. 

The rapidly evolving marketplace throughout 2016 has meant we’ve worked with a far greater number and diverse mix of clients within transaction banking. 

As talks of the ‘post-Brexit’ landscape settle down and with some of the larger banks looking to fight back by investing heavily in new technologies, the New Year could see exciting times ahead in trade & working capital.

We’re now working with a boarder spectrum of exciting clients within Trade & Working Capital so If you currently work in the sector or would be interested in making the move, 2017 could be your Year!

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